Vianey Barajas Gallery

Galería de arte Vianey is a multidisciplinary space where contemporary art and culture merge through pictorial and sculptural exhibitions by various artists whose vision is to activate reflections on different themes.


  • Create a website that is easy to use in terms of navigation and well-structured to make the artwork stand out.
  • Improve the visibility of the site, getting more users to visit and get to know the gallery through a good SEO strategy.
  • Ensure that the website conveys the essence of what the physical gallery is.
  • To ensure that the website succeeds in communicating the experience of the physical gallery.


Together with the client we review this stage in which we make some adjustments to develop a virtual gallery that integrates the elements that the client likes, without neglecting the importance of easy navigation and good structure, once achieved we move on to the visualisation phase.

wireframe - web design


We create a virtual art gallery that will have a greater reach and a great performance, making our client feel enthusiastic and satisfied with the result.

web design art gallery

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