Interesting article from El Empresario about Digital Marketing in times of crisis.

"Companies that end up cutting investments in times of crisis and do not invest when the crisis is over, end up being the weakest and it costs them more to get up. On the other hand, companies that make the effort in times of crisis and invest in marketing, when the crisis ends will be the strongest," says Gerardo Mendez, corporate vice president of Datagran.

Faced with the economic crisis generated by the Covid-19, companies have opted to cut costs, some have done so in marketing. A big mistake, says Mendez because this is the time to intensify digital marketing campaigns and reach the right audience.

Now, not being able to leave home, people make digital purchases and buy services for after the contingency passes. We have to take advantage of that, says the specialist in marketing based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

According to a study conducted by the agency eStudio34, during the confinement has increased 41% marketing in the beauty and personal care sector. In addition, online food purchases have intensified and the retail sector, although it was damaged during the beginning of the health crisis due to economic uncertainty, these days of confinement have made it has rebounded and have tripled their searches.

At this time, companies need to make campaigns that reach the ideal audience so that sales are intensified and businesses have income.

"In times of coronavirus is more important to sell online and with the use of tools can save 50% in acquiring new customers. If before you spent 1,000 pesos, now you get the same results with 500 pesos. You don't need big investments," says Méndez.

This is possible by using pattern optimizers, i.e. algorithms that enable the most economical process and achieve the same results.

Companies of any type can make use of these tools, no matter if they are small or large, the idea is to reach potential customers and reduce the cost of acquiring them. "There are plans from $100,000 a month and some for free".


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