Google's algorithm decides the rating value of your website's source code by crawling it with a bot.

The bot runs regularly to ensure that all new pages are registered and rated. Websites and most of their content are visible to the Google bot.

Now, as Google's bot reads your site, it collects the content. This includes the titles, subtitles, any metadata, media types and sizes, and so on.

However, poorly developed source code complicates the bot's ability to consume all the information. When that happens, unfortunately, it hurts the indexing of your page.

In the vast majority happens when working with a template - prefabricated theme, as used by many web developers.

The features of clean code

Clean code has a common set of features to make it easier to identify. Each has its own purpose.

Clean code is efficient

When code is developed with quality and with specific goals in mind, it's always faster. Cut out the excess, creating an efficient and fast website.

Clean code is easy to read

A reputable web developer understands the importance of clean code.

Every time a new designer or developer looks at web development code, they want to be able to instantly understand what the code does. Clean code is the best way to do that.

Clean code is easily maintained

The developer who writes the website code will not always be the same person who needs to update it. Therefore, the code must have a clear logic. That way you will avoid unnecessary confusion and delays in maintenance.

Clean code conforms to web standards

Web standards, such as those presented by the W3C, make your site a powerful communication tool. Without uniform and consistent web standards, it is more difficult for web developers to understand the source code.

Clean code is expandable and easy to maintain

Clean code makes it easier for your website to adapt to new features or other changing conditions that may be required in the future.

Clean code is reliable

Clean code makes your site more secure and reliable.

Note: At istratega we do not use templates - pre-made templates.

Although some templates are well made, the websites look unprofessional and unoriginal, and do not guarantee the quality needed to be successful on the web.
Sites based on pre-made templates end up looking the same as thousands of other sites already on the web.
A generic site makes everything look very simple, without distinction or identity.
In addition, most templates are not optimized for speed and SEO. Istratega develops websites from scratch.

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