In the following you will learn a little bit about our web working process 

Each project is unique and therefore a new challenge.


From a Brief / form that we will send to learn more about your company, we will review in detail what distinguishes your brand and then we can have a talk with you and clarify any doubts, so we can begin to fill us with inspiration, study the needs of your new website and land through brainstorming, mind maps and sketches, all the options that will allow us to make a proposal that will make you stand out from other companies in your line of business.

We will be very useful all the links to websites that you can send us referring to the competition. Likewise, sites that are of your inspiration and liking both functionally and aesthetically (without necessarily being of the same line of business of your company).
In this way we will understand the details that will allow us to meet the two key goals mentioned above: to make a website of your full satisfaction and of course, achieve the desired goals.

Graphic development

Once the website is conceptualized, we can start working on it and then carry out the first graphic review where you can review the ideas captured.
We will deliver a PDF document showing the proposal of the Home / Home, to show you the "Look & Feel" of the site in general.


View sample PDF - click here

Based on the comments received, we will know if it is necessary to make adjustments or continue with that design line in all the pages that will dress your new website.

The client is required to deliver the visual materials that we need to apply, such as: the logo in vectors, the graphic identity (if available), high resolution photographs, video if necessary and texts in their final version in a Word or similar format.
It is worth mentioning that in case the client does not have all the necessary graphic elements, we can suggest what to acquire through image banks.
*These terms or part of them may not apply in case of carrying out the project in the company of the graphic design company: https: //, who can support in this area with: creation of logos and brands, development of graphic contents...


At this stage, you have approved the graphic design for your website. All the details are ready and we can start programming.

We started this stage focused on developing a high quality code with the intention of creating a site with all its possible attributes:

Friendly navigation: Together with the design area, we make the user navigate strategically. What does this mean? That those who enter your site will find at every moment information that invites them to follow and that directs them to the contact section or directly to make a purchase request. This is very important; how many times have you closed a web page because its design or development does not make it desirable to continue on it?

Speed, stability and safety: Indispensable for two reasons:

  1. They facilitate the user's navigation within the platform and therefore keep the user within the platform until the objective is achieved.
  2. Google puts great emphasis on the speed of the site. If it is really fast, Google opens a door for us to be one of the first sites to be displayed in their search engine.

Source code: A well-developed code creates a fast, stable, secure and therefore successful website.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization (Google)

One of the most important factors for a website to be indexed by Google, Bing, etc., is search engine optimization. This includes keywords, page titles and copy, as well as speed and many other factors. Istratega puts a lot of emphasis on SEO - because what good is a website if no one can find it?

Review and conclusion

A preliminary delivery is made where you will be able to navigate through certain pages of the website to distinguish its functionality and aesthetics. At this point, we will have captured the conceptualization and graphic design in a real platform with the corresponding code.
Once you authorize, we will be ready to conclude with the rest of the details to reach the final review and delivery of the website in full operation.

Follow up

Technology is advancing rapidly and with this comes the need to keep any platform up to date. Istratega maintains a close relationship with its clients with the intention that the work done is always at the forefront and we can optimize the site according to the new offers of technology.

See finished site:

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