Amatte San Miguel

2022 // Web Design and Development

The Amatte Wellnest Community Hotel features a timeless design, inspired by the Wabi-sabi (侘寂) concept: the discovery of beauty in imperfection. It is a living hotel, full of endemic vegetation in all its corners.


Wireframes Web Design
Stage 1


The creation of prototypes helps us to capture the navigation ideas and that the client can see how the site is being developed. This way we check if it makes sense and logic according to the objectives required by the development.

Stage 2


Once the structure of the site is approved we land the visual part, taking into account the client's needs and what they expect for visitors to their site. At this stage, we can translate all the ideas of design and programming, advising clients according to what is most convenient.

Web Design Hotel San Miguel Amatte
Web Design Hotel San Miguel Amatte
Web Design Hotel San Miguel Amatte
Web Design Hotel San Miguel Amatte
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We were looking for an agency that could support us to transmit the essence of our software, a mix of professionalism, expertise and technology. We selected Istratega, since we had already worked with them in a previous project, which was very satisfactory and from the beginning the attention was fast and effective, we found in them a work methodology aligned with how we like to work.

The project was very satisfactory, since their way of working is very friendly, they are flexible when required, but they also provide their point of view as experts.
Marieanne Le Hénaff
Marieanne Le Hénaff
Director of Business Development and Innovation
Stage 3


We achieved a site that invites future guests to want to spend a few days in this incredible Hotel, transmitting the aesthetics of the place and highlighting every detail of its spaces for those who enjoy good living.
In each section we transmit the complete experience of what it is to spend time in this space, either in one of its terraces, restaurant or rooms.

It is an easy-to-navigate site that focuses on the user's experience, making it easy to navigate from one section to another until you register, leave your personal information, contact the Hotel or make a reservation to stay.

Web Design Hotel San Miguel Amatte

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