Bajo Las Hojas

2020 // Web Design and Development

Bajo las hojas is a b&b hotel located in the city of Merida and Campeche. Its design is warm and offers guests a haven of rest and comfort in one of the most beautiful places in our country.

Brand design by


Wireframes Web Design
Stage 1


Through various prototypes that show the navigation within the website, the composition of the different elements such as text, images, graphic elements, content optimization and UIX (User interface) was achieved.

Stage 2


We visually present the composition of the sections within the website, giving a clear image of the result of the site and its adaptation to different screen sizes.

Web Design Under The Sheets
Web Design Under The Sheets
Web Design Under The Sheets
Web Design Under The Sheets
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We are very happy with the results and believe that the website we created together will be of great help to our future visitors.

It was a very pleasant experience to work with the istratega team, from the first day we had good communication and the project was defined in stages that we achieved without setbacks.

At Bajo las Hojas we are very happy with the process, we felt that they really listened to our comments and also supported us by creating a site that interacts with our customers, moreover, a site that requires no experience to update and keep it up to date.

We highly recommend the istratega team, they are a reliable team with good attention to detail and customer needs.
Daniel Manos
Stage 3


A very visually attractive page was achieved, showing the warmth of the cities of Merida and Campeche and the freshness of the hotel, which is part of the brand concept made in

In this way we promote to catch the visitors making them want to navigate from the homepage to the contact page, where you can appreciate the details of a clean and harmonious design without leaving behind the functionality and the elements that achieve a good positioning.

Do you want to have a place like this?

Do you want to have a place like this?

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