Caltic Consultants

2021 // Web Design and Development

Business consulting firm specialising in productivity and management. Caltic comes from the Nahuatl word "Moscaltic" which means "Growth and Development".


Wireframes Web Design
Stage 1


Prototypes allow us to do the necessary tests on the functionality of the website and its graphic style, content placement and images so that we can thoroughly understand the needs prior to the coding of the website. This stage is reviewed with the client in order to discuss key points, refine and move on to the next phase.

Stage 2


We make a presentation to the client to demonstrate how well the work in development is working and through feedback; begin to refine the final details.

Professional Website Design
Professional Website Design
Professional Website Design
Professional Website Design
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Stage 3


The Caltic Consultores website has all the pillars that a website needs to be functional and promote a good perception of the company's services.

It has SEO optimisation so that prospects who do not yet know the company but are looking for your services on google can find you.

Adequate guidance from the content and each page so that the user feels that their time spent on the website is valuable, thus perceiving that they will receive a good result when working with the company.

Responsive Website Design

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