2020 // Web Design and Development

Eraquímicos is a 100% Mexican company dedicated to the manufacture, development and research of chemical products for the metalworking, glass, automotive and steel industries. They also offer technical service both in the laboratory and in the field doing quality tests and preventive maintenance.


Stage 1


Several UIX prototypes were presented that showed the flow of information within the website, aiming to achieve contact conversions.

Stage 2


Different graphic options were designed for the sections of the website, with emphasis on showing the strong structure of the company.

Web Design Eraquimicos
Web Design Eraquimicos
Web Design Eraquimicos
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Our website had not changed in the last 15 years. We were outdated in terms of design and information.

Istratega helped us greatly in achieving a total renovation of our website. From an initial consultation to explain the issues to be addressed, as well as a practical relationship of exchange of ideas, and a professional attitude of service and work, we were very satisfied with the work provided by Istratega.

The whole process was carried out in a professional and pro-active manner. They delivered all their responsibilities in a timely manner, managing to deliver a final result that was to the liking of the owners of our company, completely renewing our website in a modern, friendly and secure way.
David Alanís Eraquímicos
David Alanís
Sales Controller
Stage 3


Included videos and photos that give a more real perspective of their products in operation, offering their customers an honest image of the products.
A site was generated where it is easy to obtain the necessary information and data about the products and contact information.

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