2021 // Web Design and Development

A company dedicated to the commercialisation of various products for the home, such as foldable, versatile and resistant containers, thanks to their high quality materials.


Stage 1


As shown in the images; we have presented to the client the proposed organisation of the website content and navigation that we suggest to make a greater impact.

It is from this stage and the client's feedback that we can refine the details and continue with the next phase dedicated to visualisation.

Stage 2


At this stage we assemble the contents that correspond to the website to check that the prototypes work correctly and again make a review with the client to ensure that the navigation is adequate and that visually we are provoking the user's senses in the way that was proposed at the beginning of the project.

Minimalist Web Design
Minimalist Web Design
Minimalist Web Design
Minimalist Web Design
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Stage 3


Homeware is a website with great content and easy navigation; which allows us to make the user feel comfortable navigating between the pages that are of interest to them, finally guiding them to the shopping cart to purchase what they were looking for.

Thanks to a clean source code and other factors that have been taken care of in the development of the website; search engines such as google, will be able to index us in the primary pages so that the website traffic is increasing.

Minimalist Web Design