Hotel Mereva Tulum

2022 // Web Design and Development

Located between the lush tropical jungle and Tankah Bay, Mereva Tulum by Nahuma is a charming hotel designed exclusively for families and groups of friends looking for fun and serenity in front of the beautiful beaches of Tulum.


Stage 1


As shown in the images; we have presented to the client the proposed organisation of the website content and navigation that we suggest to make a greater impact.

It is from this stage and the client's feedback that we can refine the details and continue with the next phase dedicated to visualisation.

Stage 2


After a thorough analysis we were able to achieve the client's objectives in terms of the image they wanted to convey in content and visual design, in addition to achieving a site that works properly.

Web Design Hotel Mereva Tulum
Web Design Hotel Mereva Tulum
UI/UX Hotel Mereva Tulum
Web Design Hotel Mereva Tulum
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Experience in creating the site

It was a very orderly process, with clear references to my work as a client and the work of ISTRATEGA as a web developer, which I highly recommend, as it was a very professional work on their part and teamwork, which consisted of:

1. They gave me a clear route of the goals and times to create the page.
2. They were in communication with the brand designer, to give the image.
3. They supported me in making all the changes and adjustments to the website.
4. Everything was on time.
5. The cost was very fair.
6. We worked very well as a team.
7. Having a clear route, where my tasks and theirs were, I worked very efficiently and comfortably.
8. The site looked great!
Alberto Avigdor
Class Real Estate
Stage 3


Hotel Mereva Tulum is an updated site, which gives a competitive image with the newest sites. It inspires and connects with customers to explore the site, knowing the different types of rooms and the services included in each one, the amenities of the Hotel and of course the paradise in which it is located.

In each site we pay attention to every necessary detail, both in programming and design to make it user friendly and to make them stay long enough to want to make a purchase, in addition to making it a fast site.

Web Design Hotel Mereva Tulum

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