2020 // Web Design and Development

Experts in courier, logistics and management. They offer solutions for the specific needs of their clients, whether they are SMEs or corporations with a high volume of shipments. They have extensive experience in retail, B2C, B2B, ecommerce and traditional channel.

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Stage 1


Several prototypes were made with the purpose of analyzing and projecting the navigation flow within the website, to finally get the visitor to take action to contact and hire their services.

Stage 2


Several visual dummies were made to show the interface graphically.

Web Design Ncargo
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Working with Istratega was a very pleasant experience. They understood our needs, got involved in every detail of the project and always gave us their advice to get better results for our clients. During the whole development there was a lot of communication, follow up to the requests with very good response times and involvement of the whole team.
Without a doubt, I highly recommend their services because the results obtained by improving our website, had a very positive impact on Ncargo.
Andrea Zermeño
Stage 3


We were able to attract new clients and increased user traffic within their site considerably. Visitor contacts were increased and the contracting of their messaging services increased substantially.

Web Design Ncargo
Web Design Ncargo

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