We Are Mentor

2022 // Web Design and Development

WeAreMentor is a graphic design studio made up of a team of designers who have been passionate about conceptualising and designing logos and brands for more than twelve years.


Stage 1


We teamed up with WeAreMentor to define the organisation of elements based on their needs; helping them to give structure and a new vision of the possibilities for the website.

Stage 2


Based on the aforementioned structure, the visual part of the project was developed as a team, where the designers provided us with their ideas so that we could give shape and advice with the intention of achieving the best result in the sum of design + programming.

Web Design Agency
Web Design Agency
We Are Mentor 1
Web Design Portfolio
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As we are a team of designers, we are used to facing new challenges.
In this case, being an internal project "the design of our own website"; we came up against some walls that we managed to overcome easily thanks to the guidance of Istratega and all their experience.

We are very motivated with the result and grateful for the guidance we have received.
The great SEO work they do is very noticeable in the consecutive contact we receive from new prospects that come to us thanks to the website.
Franz Vanek
Franz Vanek
Creative Director
Stage 3


The objectives assigned for the project have been achieved and it was interesting the synergy and learning by working with a design team external to ours. We have worked with them on several websites, but in this case it was very different as we were developing for ourselves, in this case, WeAreMentor.

Web Design Portfolio

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