Announces Siteground:

We are pleased to announce that a new ultra-fast PHP configuration is available for all Site Tools based GoGeek and Cloud plans and you can enable it from Site Tools> PHP Manager on your website. This new custom PHP implementation could yield up to a 30% performance improvement on live sites.

Why use ultrafast PHP?

The way PHP is handled is critical to the performance of all dynamic sites. Knowing that, providing the optimal PHP configuration for our clients has always been a priority for us. The launch of our own control panel, Site Tools, gave us the freedom to create a custom PHP implementation in-house and now we are ready to implement our ultra-fast PHP configuration that is incredibly fast and secure at the same time.

Based on our initial testing, we expect the following performance improvements, especially on larger sites with heavy traffic:

  • Faster page response: up to 50% drop in TTFB (time to first byte), which will make your pages load faster than before.
  • Increased server capacity: the host node will be able to process 20-30% more requests, which means it will be able to handle traffic peaks even better than before;
  • Lower server memory usage: up to 15% drop in memory usage, again freeing up server resources to handle more traffic faster.
  • Expected overall performance improvement: Currently, the average ultrafast PHP is 30% faster than the previous configuration.

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