Did you know that not having a website costs you more than having one?

Incredible as it may seem there are still many businesses without a website and the reasons are always the same: "They are too expensive" "I don't know about technology" "I don't have time to manage it" or the typical: "I have enough clients and work and I don't need more". The truth is that you don't need to know much about technology and websites are easier to manage than you think and they are not expensive. Nowadays, consumers do research on the internet about the product they want to buy, before making a purchase decision. Studies show that 81% of people do this, yet 46% of registered entrepreneurs without a website for their business cited "the business does not yet need a website" as the main reason for not opening one. If you don't have a website yet, you don't stand a chance of getting some of that clientele.
Generate more revenue for your business by attracting new customers.
Your website could be available day and night, even when you're not. A website can inform your potential customers as if your business is always open. The reality is that the consumer will always be looking to compare one product or service with another, a website will position you in the right place to be at the same level of your competition. You can also inform them of all the services you offer that they may also need. Websites generate credibility and trust in consumers. Currently the consumer is very skeptical; in fact, there are studies that 56% of people do not trust a business that does not have a website. Having a good site immediately boosts the credibility that your business is legitimate. It is very important to make a good impression from the start, with a good website design you can achieve this. A website is a showcase to show that you are an expert and can better position your business. It is also a tool to make you stand out from the crowd. There are many advertising techniques using mailers or flyers that put pressure and don't contact the customer at the right time. The chances of a potential customer contacting you are greatly increased by having a website.
It's easier and more accessible than you think.
You'll recoup your investment sooner than you think by generating new customers and there are ways to prove that your website works. A website offers a better return on investment than any other advertising medium. You don't need to be tech savvy to start a website. There are many companies that make easy to manage websites that will make this process easier for you. It is much more expensive not to invest in a well designed website than to have one that is not well positioned in Google, or worse, not to have a website at all.
You will be able to invest your time better
Answering customer calls, sending emails and information takes a lot of time. Your website can save you time by providing your potential customers with the necessary information to solve their doubts or even generate a section on your "frequently asked questions" page where you can directly answer these questions. This will allow you to spend your time on more important matters.
Position your brand and be in control of it.
A website is a platform for your messaging that shapes the perception of your business, something you don't get with social media. This platform allows you to position yourself in the marketplace to get the type of customers you are looking for and the chances of a potential customer contacting you are higher. By creating this platform, you create a referral channel where customers can comment and share their shopping experience whether it is negative or positive. You can control the perception of your company by posting positive reviews from your customers. In short, you need a website and opening one is a piece of cake. It's much easier, cheaper and more profitable than you think. We know that not everyone needs a website, but every business needs one. There are great growth opportunities for your business. Let the next important decision for your business be to open a website. Remember that it is much more expensive not to invest in a well designed website than to have one that is not well positioned in Google, or even worse, not to have a website at all.
What are you waiting for to have your website?

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